Bali Island Tours In Daily

Bali island tours is one of our destination to organize tours in Indonesia. Bali is the island with thousand of temple of Hinduism with their unique spirit.  The island of Bali is center of arts and culture. It is following the deepest of Hinduism truth making Bali well-known in the world tourism. It is various of  tourist attraction can find. Bali Island is fully art can find, such as; carving, gold and silver products or statues.

Since the center of tourism business in Indonesia, Bali island is growing fully supporting facilities. Using as a main starting point for tours to other island of Indonesia. Bali has well domestic connecting flight especially to the east part of Indonesia. Here, we would to offers Bali island tours since we have representative in Denpasar city to organize.

Ema Tour is preparing; daily trip around Bali, rent car with English speaking drivers. Our tour packages is designing according to local condition. Its to meet all requirement on your holidays to Bali island. Starting point will do from the place you are staying. We serve for picking up, such as; Nusa Dua, Sanur, Denpasar city or other area. Our tour guide or driver English speaking will meet you at your hotel. We also offer tours to the remote area to find real of Balinese and their daily life.

Normally, we don’t to include the meals on our offers. Except lunch we quote during on daily trip. So, make visitors can choose many kind of Indonesian, Chinese, European food that can find everywhere. Also accommodation can choose by visitors since all hotels, villas and cottages. Denpasar is one of high traffic city in Indonesia. So, sometime we have to arrange tours fit with traffic time.

On the Bali tours, you can also make combine trip to Komodo national park, Flores or Lombok Island. This is combining the island of Komodo Dragon, Flores and Lombok island to see east part of Bali. You can ask to arrange tours combining for Bali, Komodo, Flores, Lombok island. To do this tour package maybe you need longer holidays.

Bali Island Tours

Here we suggest some thing before visit Bali island;

Come along low season is low traffic visitors. May you get more to see on low season. Because not many visitors.

As long as you come on high season, maybe you can’t cover for daily trip. Yes, of course.

Check also national holidays, because it’s high traffic too. Not to forbid but for your great holidays.