Komodo Tours Package

Komodo tours are all kind of Komodo tour packages to visit the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia. On package Komodo tours of course discover; Komodo dragon, wild life, corals and fishes. Tours Komodo is one the best Indonesia tour package this time.

To find Komodo dragons and wild life will do with trekking or hiking. While to see corals and fishes should be doing with snorkeling or diving. Here, travelers can find all tours to Komodo National Park in form of tour packages.

Look in detail of Komodo tours package here

We are publishing many tour packages here. To begin with one day Komodo tour, daily trip Komodo and Komodo tours with live aboard. Most importantly Komodo tour is to start from 2 days Rinca Komodo island tours, 3 days tours Komodo, Rinca and Padar island and so much more.

Here we don’t publish all Komodo tour packages. Only main packages tour you find. As long as you are interesting what we have here, then tell us. The programs here are various option. You can choose either stay on boat, hotel or combine of these. You also can choose length of stay. Here we offers from 2 until 5 days.

Trekking, walking and snorkeling

To find Komodo dragon or wild life, so you do trek. Since you arrive at one of ranger post, then you tell. Or you can tell to your tour guide. We recommend do medium trek as well. Because you have more time to see. Longer time to do of course make more opportunity to see dragons and wild animals.

While you do snorkeling or diving as long as you want to see corals and fishes. As you have to know that Komodo National Park is one of world dive site now. So here you find the real marine life. Of course you need time if you want to do dive. There is combine to see dragon Indonesia but depend on your length of holidays.

Dive trip put different from regular tour packages

Here we suggest you to make different time if you want to do dive. Because if you do dive combine with regular packages, so you need more than 4 days. Less than 4 days, maybe not so free to do. To sum up we suggest to different time if you do dive.

3 days package tours are best offers this time

As long as you focus to see Komodo dragon, so we recommend three days. This is good time to do. Because you have enough time. At the same time you do snorkeling. Less than 3 days is not recommend. For that reason we suggest three days.

Maybe you have more time than three days. So you have more chance on Dragon island tours. And also you do more and see more. Next is just find our offers here. As a result you get guarantee to see Komodo dragon. That is to say you can see everything.

To be sure your flight on Komodo tours

This time, Komodo tours mostly starts from Bali island, Jakarta and Surabaya. It’s because there are direct flights. This time those places are connecting daily flight to Labuan Bajo town west part on Flores Island. Travelers also can do from another island but should transit in Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and Makasar.

To make ease for Komodo tours, first thing to remember is to issue return ticket. Price here is not quoted with flight ticket. It’s because the prices of airplane change any time by the system. But this tours also can do with round trip tickets as long as you need us. Maybe we quote the price on tour packages with flight tickets as long as you agree.

Most importantly islands to visit

Tours to Komodo national park will cross more than 30 islands around. But most importantly islands are Komodo, Rinca and Padar. For this reason why we have several kind of tour. First is Komodo island tours. Second is Rinca island tours. Third is Rinca Komodo island tours. Fourth is Rinca, Padar and Komodo island tours.

To start from a day trip and live aboard

Visitor can do either with live aboard or daily trip. As long as you choose tour package to stay at hotel so you will make daily trip to Komodo national park. Daily trip Komodo is to start and ending in Labuan Bajo town. Depart in morning and back in the afternoon. In that case we prepare deck boat trip. No need to use cabin boat for daily trip.

Boat tours Komodo National Park

All tours Komodo national park will use local wooden boat classified from deck, cabin fan or cabin with AC. Let to see we clarify classes of boat here.

Deck boat is usually for daily trip. Because you don’t need cabin for day tour. So that if you choose package tours here to stay at hotel along the trip, then deck boat is using for your trip. While if you choose stay on boat or combine boat and hotel then you will use cabin boat.

Cabin boat has classes here. First is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. Third is cabin boat AC with private bathroom. As far as you choose stay on boat one night or more, then choose class of cabin boat.

How to choose package Komodo tours on this side

Here you can choose one of tour package. We have so many Komodo tour packages are publishing on this side. Look at the duration, routes, programs and tour components.

So please to tell our team via email. Of course we send a prompt respond to you. As long as you agree with our offers so please inform. And also tell which date you want to start.

To be sure your flight

Flight route: Denpasar Bali Island or other cities where to begin with your flight. Then point your flight to Labuan Bajo town/west Flores island.

Ending; Point also your flight from Labuan Bajo to next destinations.

Where our services to start

Our service is usually to start from airport of Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores Island. Then our services are ending at the airport of Labuan Bajo town. Labuan Bajo is importantly town for Komodo trips and Flores island tours.

But we can also to start from hotel or which places you are staying. As far as you have accommodation then just tell us. Because our package tour also can be started from your hotel.

Price is not here

From time to time we don’t put price each tour packages. Customers get the price as far as you ask to our team. Usually we give in detail of information as long as we get your requests. Price: is charged per person as long as minimum 2 peoples for once departure.

Service type: First thing to remember that we don’t arrange sharing or catalog system. We serve only private tours.

Komodo tours package

Because of Komodo tours package is always using by many visitors, sometime goes on fully booked. Usually is happening on high season. For this reason we suggest travelers to care of on high season.

We don’t arrange as long as travelers make very late confirmation. Because we don’t want our clients give unreasonable price. Although we are locals but we know how difficult to organize in short time. It’s always happen on high season.

Here we tell you that high season coming on July, August even to September. Perhaps we arrange as well as one month before arrival. Sometimes we cancel the trip as long as travelers make late confirmation.