Java Borneo Komodo 9D/8N

Java Borneo Komodo is Indonesia tour package to visit the island of Java, Borneo and coupled with Komodo national park. Here you will see three popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

What to see on Java Borneo Komodo

At central of Borneo you see Orangutan, proboscis and other wild life. At central of Java you see Prambanan and Borobudur temple. In east Java you see amazing of Bromo crater volcanic. As well as Komodo dragons are to see at the islands of Komodo national park.

In general, you will see beauty of nature, culture, locals, way of life and so much more.

Orangutan at the central of Borneo Island

To begin with Borneo island to see Orangutan, proboscis and other wild life. You will go to the central of Kalimantan province. However your returning flight should start from Jakarta, Semarang or Jogyakarta.

Point your flight to Pangakalan Bun on the central of Borneo. Only place you do right flight to reach Tanjung Puting National Park. Because of this program visit Tanjung Puting National Park.

But here we use the flight route is Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun. Then fly back from Pangkalan Bun to Semarang or Yogyakarta. This route of course is going to run well this program.

Central and east of Java Island

So that you will continue next destination on Java island. Especially on this program go in the middle and east of Java province.

Secondly is to visit Java island, see Prambanan and Borobudur temple and Bromo crater active volcano. It is going to visit in the central of Java and also east Java province.

Along trip on Java island, you do with overland. Start both from Semarang or Jogyakarta to east Java province. Next is flying from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island.

Trip Komodo National Park

Third is visiting the islands of Komodo national park. Only place where Komodo dragons are living in their natural habitat. To visit Komodo National Park however should go through Labuan Bajo town, west Flores Island.

Yes of course, Labuan Bajo town is only place to do Komodo tours. From here you visit Komodo with boat trip. Komodo dragons are firstly goal visit to the islands of Komodo national park.

At the same time you will see wild life, wonderful corals and colorful fishes. Not only one island to visit but also other islands. There is two islands to see Komodo dragons. First is Rinca island. Second is Komodo Island.


On Java Borneo Komodo you have two different kind of transportation. Along at Borneo and Komodo you do with boat trip. While is central and east Java you do with cars.

Borneo boat trip

At central of Borneo you will take boat trip to cross river of Sekonyer. On this tour package you use cabin boat fan with share bathroom. It is only way to use for this time. You sleep two nights on the boat.

Komodo boat trip

Although same kind of transport you use both Borneo and Komodo but it’s differently type of boat. Komodo boat trip is different size because cross the sea. And also many options to choose by visitors. That is say classes of the boat. But here we prepare cabin boat fan with share bathroom.

But if you need cabin boat AC with private toilet, then we do accordingly. Or maybe you need cabin AC with share toilet, so that we will prepare. Importantly is telling us along communication.

Tour activities of Java Borneo Komodo

Some places you do trek or hiking and walking. It depends which place you do certainly. While you do snorkeling at the islands of Komodo national park. Because here you are not only see Komodo dragons but also see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

What to bring on tours Java Borneo Komodo?

In general you bring tropic medicals, mosquito repellent, trekking shoes, IDR cash, towel, hat and sun glasses. Maybe you need other thing to bring also is possible.

Program Java Borneo Komodo 9D/8N

DAY 01 = JAKARTA ARRIVAL – HOTEL = Jakarta traveler hotel or similar

Upon arrival meet our tour guide as well as transfer to hotel. Dinner get as well on hotel.


Fly to Pangkalan Bun on the central of Borneo. Arrive at Pangkalan Bun transfer to Kumai. After that cross with boat trip to Tanjung Harapan. Explore along the river of Sekonyer. See Orangutan, Proboscis and other wild life. Sleep and dinner are on the boat.


Breakfast get on boat. After that move to Kumai for morning feeding at 09.00 AM. Then after trek around see wonder of rain forest and some kind of wild life. See feeding at 02.00 PM.

Cross down to Nipa area. On the way see also wild life. Next is to see home of fireflies at Nipa area. Sleep and dinner are doing as well on the boat.

4 = NIPA AREA – KUMAI – PANGKALAN BUN – SEMARANG – YOGYAKARTA = Sahid Raya hotel or similar

After breakfast then depart to Kumai. On arrival transfer you to airport fly to Semarang. On arrival transfer to Yogyakarta for hotel. Dinner will be serving as well at hotel.

5 = YOGYAKARTA – BOROBUDUR – PRAMBANAN – MOUNT BROMO AREA = Bromo Permai hotel or similar

Get breakfast at hotel. To begin with Borobudur temple is a world seven wonder. After that visit Prambanan and Sewu temple. Next is to drive nine hours to Bromo area. Stay at Bromo Permai hotel or similar. Include the dinner.

6 = BROMO CRATER – SURABAYA = Santika hotel or similar

Trip to begin with jeep car start at 02.30 AM to Penanjakan peak. You enjoy sunrise while see view of Bromo summit. After that go back by jeep to see sand of sea on mount area. After explore crater then drive to hotel for breakfast.

Get relaxing at hotel until the time to check out. Drive to Surabaya about 3 hours. Arrive in Surabaya then take a rest until time for dinner at hotel.


Breakfast at hotel. Drive to airport for your flight to Labuan Bajo, west part of Flores Island. On arrival meet our tour guide then transfer to harbor. Depart to Rinca island by boat.

Arrive at Loh Buaya get check in then start to trek around. Here is the place to see Komodo dragons and wild life. After that go back to the boat. Depart to Pink beach. Arrive at Pink beach do snorkeling as well.

Here is best place to see wonderful of corals as well as colorful fishes. Move boat to anchorage site nearby island. Dinner and sleep are on the boat.

8 = KOMODO ISLAND – BIDADARI ISLAND – LABUAN BAJO = Jayakarta beach resort hotel or similar

After breakfast depart to Loh Liang post of Komodo island. Do check in here. Trek around the area to see Komodo dragons as well as wild life and some kind of birds. After that depart to Bidadari island. Lunch get on the way.

Arrive at Bidadari island, do snorkeling to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. Then next is going to Labuan Bajo. Arrive at harbor then transfer to hotel. Dinner get at local restaurant or hotel.


After get breakfast then visit local market to see local peoples are selling and buying local products. Drive to Batu Cermin cave see stalactites and stalagmites. Also see dried coral fossils.

Transfer to airport for your flight to Jakarta or next destination.

Flight routes;

Jakarta – Pangkalan Bun central Borneo

Pangkalan Bun Borneo – Semarang central of Java island

Surabaya east Java – Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island

Labuan Bajo, Flores – Jakarta or next destination. (Please tell us if to include in our service).

Price to include in our service =

Full board meals as per itineraries, hotel, private AC car, private boat trip, all entrances, tour guide, mineral water on boat trip and flight.

But please tell us which place is going to fly from Labuan Bajo. Because our quote is fly Labuan Bajo to Jakarta.

Not to include in our service =

Personal expenses, alcoholic drinking, laundry and any other that is not included our services above.

Program Java Borneo Komodo 9D/8N

Probably you need to change the program. We can make shorter, lengthen or combining as far as we can. But our program here is arranged according to local conditions.

Java Borneo Komodo tour 9D/8N

As long as you are interesting with our offers here, let we know. Importantly is early confirmation. Because of we need time to follow up at all. We are waiting your news for Indonesia tours.

See also Flores Indonesia tours. Together with Flores island is Komodo tour. Because all tour Komodo should go through Flores Island.