Jakarta Komodo Tours

Jakarta Komodo tours here are all kind of Komodo tours starts from Jakarta. It’s because of connect with direct flight from and to Labuan Bajo. Since 2016, there were daily flights. At the same time we started to organize daily Komodo tours.

Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia. Located in Java island. Jakarta is importantly city for all over Indonesia. It is the center of any sectors. The center of administration.

Why Komodo tours to start from Jakarta?

Any reasons to answer. Everything start from there. To include visitors. But most importantly is flight. Before 2016, all passengers who want to visit Komodo should be transit in Bali first if visit Flores and Komodo island. But after that passengers can do with direct flight.

Pink beach on tours Komodo

Pink beach on tours Komodo

This time visitors are easy to do Komodo tours directly from Jakarta. Not need to transit before arrive in Flores Island. Even now there are than two flights a day.

Not only Komodo tours but also Flores island tours

All Jakarta Komodo tours should go through the town of Labuan Bajo. For this reason why Labuan Bajo is very important for tour to Komodo. Because of Jakarta Komodo tours should fly to Labuan Bajo town. That is why Flores become first transit island before you do tours Komodo. We are here not only organize Komodo tour but also Flores Island tours. Because of we are local from Flores Island.

Flores island is importantly place for all kind of Kmodo tours. Of course you can’t reach Komodo National Park without Flores Indonesia. The only island you do for tour Komodo. That is to say center of Komodo tours.

Tours Labuan Bajo Komodo

Although Jakarta Komodo tours start from Jakarta, but you have go through Flores island first. Labuan Bajo is the town of tourism integration development program for central of Indonesia. Labuan Bajo town become the national tourism mascot project since 2015.

However, infrastructures are growing well in Labuan Bajo town. Such as; airport, road, harbor and other tourism supporting facilities. Many investor either overseas or domestic invested here since few year ago.

Hotel, restaurants, travel agencies, souvenir shop, boat and other tourism components are growing well. Labuan Bajo town is one of the ten best tour destination for this time. The only place to start tours to Komodo.

How to get Komodo National Park;

This time is very easy to do Jakarta Komodo tours. Because there are direct flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo for this time. Labuan Bajo town is the center of starting point for all kind of Komodo tours to Komodo National Park. You can’t go directly to the islands of Komodo national park without Labuan Bajo.

So, if you want to visit Komodo National Park, should point your flight to Labuan Bajo town. Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town is connected well from some major cities in Indonesia.

Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makasar, Lombok and Kupang are connecting directly flight every day. So, it’s easy for travelers to reserve the flight tickets.

Packages tours Komodo;

We arrange Jakarta Komodo tours with Komodo tour packages. Komodo tour packages starts from 2 days and more. Our Komodo tour packages arranged by our travel company to make easy for visitors.

However Komodo tour packages will not make you waste time to arrange on the way of your holidays. Because we all tour components on the tour packages.

Package Komodo tours

Package Komodo tours

Flights are to include or not

Maybe, flight tickets not to include in our prices. But depend on your prefer doing on traveling. Our services to begin with picking up you at Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. Labuan Bajo town is center of tours Komodo. Not only for Jakarta Komodo tours but other tours Komodo are all in start from here.

But some of our clients used fully inclusive in tour package. As long as you need us to get all service, so please ask our team. But if the flight ticket not prefer to arranged by our travel company, so please reserve by your own. We need only arrival time here.

What to see at Komodo National Park;

On Jakarta Komodo tours you visit the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. The only place where you can see Komodo dragon in their natural habitat.

Komodo Island travel

Komodo Island travel

You will visit some island where Komodo dragons and wild life are living in their pure environment. Giling Motang, Nusa Kode, Komodo and Rinca are the islands occupied by Komodo dragon and wild life.

Islands to visit on Jakarta Komodo tours

So that, on Jakarta Komodo tours, you will visit one of these islands. As long as you take 3 days or more, so you will visit Rinca and Komodo island. But if you have only 2 days, so you will visit Rinca island.

Boat trip to Komodo National Park;

To visit the islands of Komodo national park, you need a boat trip. Because of boat is only the transport for Komodo tours. All the boat trip is bases in the harbor of Labuan Bajo town. From here all tours Komodo from Jakarta to begin with boat.

Boat trip to Komodo with AC

Boat trip to Komodo with AC

There is not public transport to connect between Labuan Bajo and the islands of Komodo national park. Transport is private to hire. As long as you take our service, so the boat is including our price.

However the boat trip is needed to reserve before your arrival in our region. It’s very important tour component for trip to Komodo National Park.

How to make a reservation for Komodo tours from Jakarta;

To make a reservation, you just find our team or maybe you have other partners to arrange. If you want to take our travel services, so please send email. We reply as soon as on working time.

Find our Komodo tour packages here as your reference. Or you can choose one of our tour package. But is the program not meet your plan, so please kindly to ask our team.

Availability of Komodo tours from Jakarta;

Tour boat is the only transport for Komodo tours. We need your early confirmation for this reason. On high season sometimes we cancel the trip as long as you make very late confirmation.

High season is always coming on July and August every year. Sometimes also come on Christmas and new year. But usually we tell to you.

To get comfortable trip, confirmation should be making a month prior to arrival. Because the boat is prepared since your booking. To keep your confirmation usually we ask deposit.

Daily Komodo tours from Jakarta

Due to our travel company bases in the town of Labuan Bajo, so that we arrange all kind of Komodo tours. We arrange to start from daily, day trip and live aboard.

Our services are usually from airport. But we can start from hotel. Or from which places you are staying. We need only your address at the same time you confirm to us.

Komodo tours

Welcome for all visitors who want to visit the islands of Komodo national park Indonesia. Thanks for all visitors who have been joining with our travel services. Tours Komodo from Jakarta is one of the best Indonesia tour packages up to the present time.

Any questions Jakarta Komodo tours, let we know now. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. Now we wait your email. You can make combine this trip with Borneo tour and Java island tour. As long as you have time, you can do it. That is inter island tours.

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