Jakarta Komodo Island Tours

Jakarta Komodo Island tours are all kind of Komodo tours starts from Jakarta city on Java Island in Indonesia. Since 2016, Garuda airline operated daily flight between Jakarta to Labuan Bajo on west Flores Island. It’s a reason why we offers Komodo tours from Jakarta as well. This is good news because can cover for travelers from overseas use Jakarta as entry point.

Only 2 hours from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo by flight. It’s make easy for travelers reach tours to the island of Komodo national park. It’s more easy than before because travelers should transit in Bali Island before fly to Flores Island. Here is good way to see Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park. No waste time spend for domestic flight than before.

We give appreciations to the Garuda airlanes when they opened new route directly from Jakarta to Flores Island. Maybe will increase the flight in the future by Garuda air lane. Because of this new route, so first there is not many peoples know. But since beginning 2017, a lot of travelers either overseas or domestic using this route.

How do you get Komodo tours from Jakarta city?

We recommend local travel company from Flores Island as long as you have plan travel to Komodo. Mostly local travel agent base in Labuan Bajo town. But please check also the legality of travel company before make a deal. However legal travel company know more about Jakarta Komodo island tours.

What kind of products of Jakarta Komodo Island tours?

It’s so easy because Komodo tour packages are the products you can get. You can do daily or more as long as you have plan. Komodo tour packages can do either for one day or 2 days more.

What is local transportation?

Boat or speed boat is the only way to connect. To make tours to the islands of Komodo national park of course use boat. No other choice because you should cross the sea. There is some kind of boat classes you can choose.

Choose kind of boat since you start correspondence. So you know what kind boat you will use on Komodo tours. The boat will give to you should following with your budget.

Where visitors to start?

After arrival in Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo town, so we transfer you to harbor. Normally the boat will be using, depend on your order.

Jakarta Komodo Island tours

Here is the way to see Komodo dragon or wild life. You do Komodo tours with local travel company with low price. But service is excellent because you book directly. Maybe you get different service as long as you don’t book directly. It’s because of over service to another hand.

Here we suggest to book directly to local travel company, so you get what real in field. We know what we can give you. As long as you pay directly, you will get comfortable service.

For more detail information please let’s to know.

Check out our program here and choose which tour packages do want. We have published a lot package Komodo tours. Grab it now, don’t waste your time to think.

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