Indonesia Tour packages

Indonesia is the world largest archipelago with more than 17,000 islands are covering. Geographically, Indonesia is located between two continents of Asia and Australia. And also located between two oceans are Indian and pacific.

The coastline of Indonesia is 18,900 kilometers. Which is surrounded by Southeast Asian countries. The country’s borders are of course both land sea.

What to see on Indonesia tour packages

A lot of thing to see. Not only to see on the land but also marine life. Look at every program here. But in general you see nature, culture, tradition, wild life, corals, fishes, beach and so much more.

The world great tropical country with a lot of Floras and Faunas. With diverse natural resources, of course Indonesia is one of the world’s tourist destination.


Total population is more than two hundred and eighty million inhabitants. Which is the largest Muslim population in the world. Jakarta is the capital of the country.

Grow from various multi cultural, language, ethnic group, religion and traditions. For this reason why we live in diversity but unity in all aspect. Therefore many visitors prefer to visit Indonesia.

Indonesia tour packages

Because of the largest country with many islands, so that we arrange tours cross one to another island. Of course, it takes longer to see everything. But visitors can do it many time every year.

For this reason, why here we are preparing tour packages for your vacation in Indonesia. We prepare tour packages in order to make you easy to choose.

Tour operator Indonesia

As an Indonesian travel company, of course we know how to organize your trip. Maybe differently from your experience travel to mainland countries.

So far, we focus to arrange to the popular tourist destinations. It’s because easy to connect transportation one to other islands. So that you travel with right routes.

Air transportation

This time, we have a lot of new airport in our country. Therefore making it easy to connect from one place to another. Our country is growing as well infrastructures since few year ago. Since few year ago, many big airport built in all over the country. The airports are continuously building now and following the year.

Today, you can find many big airport at major cities and some strategic regions. Small and medium airport also building at remote islands. As long as you want to travel to Indonesia this time, so you do easily to connect flight from your country. Or just make a purchase from every where you are living with online.

Probably you need us to include in our services for domestic flight, so we are happy to organize. Because we always arrange Indonesia tour packages not to include the flight. You know because everyone can make online purchases.

Land transportation

Mostly every island has well connections between one place to another. However on the remote area, the bumpy road still find. High traffics are always meet on major cities but not much this time.

Trains are connect well for only some islands between one to other city. Some trails are building also in the middle and east of the country. In our Indonesia tour packages, we use air conditioned cars. Except you do adventure or Eco tours.

Sea transportation

Pelni’s boat is mostly used by local passenger to go from one to other islands. Pelni is national passenger ship. Ferry also connects well between nearby islands and rivers. Public transportation above is not recommend for visitors as long as short holidays. You will waste time on the ship to get one to other places.

In our services, we use private boat trip to reach destination is going to visit. Boat trip is always use when cross the sea and river. For example travel Komodo National Park.


On the route of our arrangement, we use the best selected hotel each place. But you will stay on the cabin boat along to cross river or sea. Also some places can do with daily trip.

Boat trip also can choose from differently classes. Firstly is cabin boat air conditioned and fan with share bathroom. Secondly is cabin boat AC with private bathroom. All cabin boat is usually use for live aboard. While when you take daily trip, so deck boat or boat without cabin will be used. Speed boat also can use as long as you prefer.

Not all star hotel along our arrangement to the some tourist destination. But we use standard hotel, because not all area support with star hotel.


Our services mostly to include meals except you want do by your own. Meals easy get everywhere with Indonesian, European, Chinese and other menus.

Lunch box is only using when the area or local condition not permit to make fresh meals. For example; when you do daily with speed boat.

Tour guide

All our tour guide has licensed and registered on Indonesian tourist guide association. We use local tour guide every island or region.

Mostly tour guide is generally speaking well English. Some of tour guide is speaking specifically languages.

Tour packages

Here, we present to arrange Indonesia tour packages. We publish some tour packages here with programs, routes, services and other components. Whenever you want get our services, so we arrange accordingly. Although we don’t put all the tour packages here, but get it since you make requests.

We don’t put the price here, in case any change of tour components on the field. As long as we get your request, so we send completely on tour package. Programs, route, tour components, services and prices are arranging according to local conditions. Maybe we can cut, shorten, lengthen or combined the programs as long as can fit with local conditions.

You can take short or large tour packages. Depending on your plan. Short tour package is specifically for one or two destination. While large tour package is crossing more islands or region. Large tour packages are mostly used longer holidays.

Tour confirmation

Make confirmation as long as you get clear communication with our team. It’s escape to misunderstanding between you and our team.

We are happy, if you make a deal after clearance at all. Not only large tour but also short trips.

Indonesia tour services

Choose which services you arrange by own. We don’t mind. Just take what do prefer of our services. If you need us to arrange at all, so we will do.Let’s we know. We wait for your email now.

See also package tours Komodo here. As long as you only need to see Komodo dragons, then let we know now.