Indonesia Travel Packages

Indonesia travel packages
Indonesia travel packages
Indonesia travel packages

Indonesia travel packages are Indonesia tours to visit either Flores Komodo or other islands in Indonesia. It’s our programs as long as travelers want to visit more place in Indonesia. Of course, Indonesia travel packages are a part of arrangement in our travel company. Here is the tours to visit Java, Bali, Komodo, Flores, Lombok, Borneo or other islands.

To arrange Indonesia travel packages, of course needed domestic flight connections. So, domestic flights are the main tour component beyond land or sea transport. To arrange Indonesia travel packages we do according to routes of flight. Here we only put sample of tour packages. Because we will organize as long as you make a request.

We offers Indonesia travel packages to cover some island in Indonesia. It’s because large country with covering more than 17.000 islands. A world largest country may need time to visit on travel holidays. Maybe travelers need more time to cover the islands. So, please let us to know more from travelers to do trip in Indonesia.

What kind of transport when cross river or sea?

Travelers will use boat trip or houseboat on some tourist destination. However, you do it when cross the rivers or on the sea. For example when you do the trip to the islands of Komodo national park and Three Gillis on the west of Lombok Island. While at Tanjung Puting National Park, travelers will use houseboat to cross along the river. You can do either with live aboard or daily trip. Maybe you have not other transportation to do these kind of trip.

Travelers can choose one or more destination in our offers. its depending on plan in your holidays. Domestic flights will fit from one to another island since your request arrives. You just tell us which place your first arrival in Indonesia, so we arrange accordingly. Also important to tell us which places do you want to visit. So that we organize according to the flight route while fit to the islands you are going to visit.

In addition that, to get comfortable trip, we suggest travelers should make confirmation. Make your booking at least 2 month before arrival. Because your confirmation will give you to get guarantee of any booking. We will make reservation to each tour components as long as we get your confirmation.

How to make confirmation?

Confirmation should be following by the deposit to keep reservation. Deposit will make guarantee on booking. It doesn’t care either high season or low season. Deposit will make guarantee for your reservation. In some cases, we cancel the trip as long as travelers make very late confirmation.

Since we are legal travel company, we use company’s account for payment. So, we don’t accept payment by Visa, Credit card or Paypal. You should pay with wire transfer or whatever your system from your country. As long as we get total according to our IDR. We charge all our tour packages in IDR or Indonesian currency call Rupiah. But you can do in USD, EURO or another currency that can convert to our IDR.

Finally, we really hope that our offers can meet your requirements. To get more information about Indonesia travel packages please reach us. In conclusion, that your satisfaction is our goal on Indonesia tours.

Indonesia Travel Packages

Indonesia travel packages are our offers for holidays to the islands of Indonesia. This tour packages will cross Java, Bali, Borneo, Komodo, Flores and another island. Probably you spend minimum 16 days on this trip. We recommend take more than 16 days, so you have possibility if something change of domestic flight. Normally, the problem when flight is delay of cancel. If you enough time, so we get solution when flight cancel or delay.

Arrangement will fit your duration and the place you want to visit. Then we fix with flight connection after. If no route, of course we tell you again. Next is make new plan for your holidays to our country.

Hope that you will find the best offers from our Travel Company. Welcome for travelers who want to visit our country. Thanks for travelers who have been with our travel service in Indonesia. We are waiting of your requests to make holidays to Indonesia.