Indonesia Tours Package

We are here from time to time to arrange Indonesia tours package. To begin with tours Flores, Komodo, Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok as well as Sulawesi island. We only focus to organize Indonesia popular tourist destinations for this time. To start from daily tour, day trip and live aboard.

Because of Indonesia is largest archipelago, so that we make inter island tours here. Under those circumstances, here we put all in all with package tours Indonesia. In essence to cover those islands. We organize not only for individual but also group tour.

Main offers of package tours Indonesia

Although we offers several islands tour, but our focus is Flores Komodo island tours. Because of our travel agency from Flores island. The island to start for all kind of Komodo tours. Komodo tours are all kind of tours to the islands of Komodo national park.

Together with Flores island tours, we do daily Komodo tour. Or you ask Flores Komodo tour altogether here. Komodo tours will visit Rinca, Padar and Komodo island as well as other island there.

We arrange Komodo tours with Komodo tour packages. While we arrange Flores Komodo tours with Flores Komodo tour packages. For this reason why here we have so many package tours Flores Komodo.

Where to start

To start Indonesia tour, tell which place your first arrival. There are some important places to begin with our services. We are always to begin from Jakarta in Java island. And also to start from Denpasar on Bali Island. But you can begin from other places. First thing to remember is to tell us.

While for local tour we do from the places are going to do. Your first domestic arrival. Our services to begin from airport. After that make local tour. Local tour means you take only one destination. So that you don’t cross inter island tour.

What to see on package tours Indonesia

A lot of tourist attractions to see in Indonesia from time to time. In general you see the wonder of nature, culture, wild life, marine life and so much more. But we only put top tourist attractions below.

To begin with Borobudur temple in Java island. Orangutan at Borneo island. Komodo dragons at Komodo National Park. Arts of Bali island. Toraja land at Sulawesi island. Wonder three colored lake of Kelimutu at Flores island. Three Gillis at Lombok island.

Flight is most importantly

However flights are most importantly for package tours Indonesia. As long as you choose inter island tours, so flights are very important. To cross one to other islands, of course need flights. Because of many islands to cross, first check the flight routes. So that you can visit several islands.

Our tour packages are always to include flight fare on our prices. It’s important we do as long as you do inter island tours. But you can do by your own. As far as you do by your own, then after that we need only time of arrival.

Accommodation, meals, land and sea transport

We put altogether in package tours Indonesia. Those tour components are including in our services. So that we charge in our prices.

At some places you use boat to cross sea and river. Boat is always private. For example; Komodo tours, Borneo tours and three Gillis at Lombok Island. Tour boat is always including our prices.

Our services this time

First is package tours Komodo island. Second is Package tours Flores Komodo island. Third is Java island tours. Fourth is Borneo tours. Fifth is Bali island tours. Sixth is Lombok island tours. Seventh is Sulawesi island tours.

For inter island tours we put altogether in Package tours Indonesia. It is combining of those island tours. You can choose only one or more of those tours.

Programs on package tours Indonesia

We arrange programs on package tours Indonesia according to the local conditions. Every islands or places maybe different from others. First we have to see flight routes. It’s important to know the way. Where tour is going. Programs are fixing under those circumstances

Tour guide Indonesia

Our tour guide is all Indonesian. Tour guide is most importantly on tour component. They are all in all from Indonesian tour guide association. We always use different tour guide every destination. Each destination we use local tour guide. They are all first peoples that always with you first until ending.

Mostly of them are speaking English. For special language maybe difficult in several places. So that we can’t use special language for all destinations.

Islands are to visit on package tours Indonesia

Below the islands are going to visit. To start with Komodo and Flores Island. Next is the island of Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok as well as Sulawesi island. All of the islands are included in the program of package tours Indonesia.

Look in detail of the islands are to go. We take care of tour packages both for one island or place and a combination of several places or islands.

Flores and Komodo island tours

First is Komodo island tours or Flores Komodo tours. We put Flores Komodo tours in the first place of package tours Indonesia. We always arrange tours Flores island together with tours Komodo National Park. Important to realize that whatever kind of tours Komodo National park, however should go through Flores Island.

Most importantly islands to visit are Rinca, Padar and Komodo island. Because of we are local travel agency of Flores, then we arrange daily Komodo tours. To begin with Rinca island tours, Komodo island tours or combine of Rinca Komodo island tour.

Borneo island tours

Kalimantan or Borneo is second largest island of Indonesia. Borneo island also is the a world biggest rain forest. Because of that several wild life are living there. Orangutan, proboscis, long tail macaques, some of endemic bird and more can find there.

This time we organize Borneo tours to Tanjung Puting National Park. It’s located in the central of Borneo. Orangutan, proboscis and other wild life are for the purpose of the visiting.

Java island tours

Java island tours Indonesia. To begin with botanical garden in Bogor, Jakarta city tour, central and east Java island. Top of program here is to see a world seven wonder. That is Borobudur temple.

Tours Bali island

Bali island tours are here. Indeed, Bali island is barometer of Indonesia tourism from time to time. Province of Bali is the center of Indonesia tours. Bali is well-known by arts, nature, culture and tradition.

Daily Bali tours we offers here. Daily trip to nearby islands. A lot of tourist attractions you can see around Bali Island. Because of Bali is center of Indonesia tour, then all facilities are well all over the island.

Lombok Island tours

Lombok island is next east of Bali Indonesia. To get Lombok island is only thirty minutes by flight from Bali Island. Since few year ago, Lombok island has an international airport.

We organize Lombok island tours to visit three Gillis. To start with Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Three exotic islands are located on south west of Lombok island. While on the land we organize Sasak tribe with their traditional house and Rinjani summit trek.

Sulawesi island tours

We focus to the south of Sulawesi island. Sulawesi island tours we organize here is to visit Toraja land. It’s well-known traditional village and their burial ceremonies. Look in detail on our programs.

Travel agency Indonesia

First thing to remember that we are legal travel company. This is one of our online market. All our legal standing is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. It’s legal name of our travel agency.

We are Indonesian. We only focus for Indonesia’s tourism business. Flores travel agency and tour operator since 2012.


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Package tours Indonesia

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