Flores Discover Ulumbu

Flores is an island located on south east of Indonesia or east part of Bali island. Including Lesser Sunda island’s group starts from Bali, west and East Nusa Tenggara.

Present with differently topography, make Flores differently with other islands. Mountainous and hilly find all over the island. It’s showing windy and cliff so difficulty find uneven region.

It’s best to see view but on other hand it’s taking longer to reach one place to another. For this reason why Flores island can’t reach with short time.

Here is Flores Indonesia tours

To discover the island of Flores, certainly need longer time. As far as, visitors only cross on main strategic way. Under those circumstance a lot of remote area not discover yet.

Flores island is one of best tourist destination in Indonesia. However, a lot of visitors have been traveling around the island. Travelers who visit Flores island not only domestic but also foreign tourists.

Flores, geothermal Ulumbu
Flores, geothermal Ulumbu

West Flores tourist attraction

This time, i want to introduce some best tourist attractions in west part of Flores island. Exactly on south part drive with off road. Yes because half part of the road along this way is bumpy.

Probably not suitable for luxury car to use because of the road condition. Use off road car is the best way to drive. Although find the bumpy road but along the way, you will see great landscape.

Hidden paradise Indonesia

The nature showing you to see sea view in the middle of the way. Also you meet with locals are living along this area. So, you will see either nature and also local peoples.

In some area, you will find rice field irrigation. Lembor district is biggest rice field irrigation of our province. Also at Iteng district you can will see big rice field irrigation. So that, you look at the farmers are daily working.

How to get there

This travel should be starting from Labuan Bajo town, west part of Flores island. Also you can do from Ruteng town, but except you starts from east part of Flores island.

Probably need three days to cover the above destination. But three days meant starts from Labuan Bajo town. Do with overland go and back same way.

This is would be doing on Eco tour packages. Probably can mix with tours Komodo but need at least 5 days together. And so, Eco Komodo Flores 5D/4N is the right way. However, this traveling discover west part regions of Flores island.

Places to visit or to see

Below are several place to see this Flores tour Indonesia. That is special interest tour with a package tour here. That is to say the best Eco tour for south part of Flores island.

This new places we arrange now. Because we only organize regular trip since our travel company set up. From time to time we are looking for hidden places around there.

Your confirmation is most importantly

Because of special interest tour, then we need your confirmation early. For normal season we need your confirmation at least one month prior to arrival. While on high season we need your confirmation at least two month prior to arrival.


On this trip, you get simple accommodation at Denge village. There is some small scale hotel around the village. Air conditioned rooms are possible although limited.

Usually, for better knowledge for visitors, so choose accommodation with locals at Wae Rebo village. So that you can see in reality of local life. Enjoy the local meals what they serve.

Not real hotel but they use traditional house for guests. Share big room in side of the house. While you can do following local activities here.

Go along local tradition

Important to realize that to visit Wae Rebo village, should be come along their habitual. They are living in strong tradition. Respect to their tradition along we are staying there.

Ulumbu geothermal resource

Ulumbu is a Flores geothermal resource. Located on Iteng district, south of Ruteng town. It’s one the biggest geothermal in East Nusa Tenggara province.

Here, you will see dramatic sight where steam following with clouds come up from earth’s reservoir. Two part of geothermal resource where located side of the river. Boiling egg is possible as long as you want.

Ulumbu Flores
Ulumbu Flores

A lot of sulfuric can find around this area. Here also you can make skin therapy. Not far from the geothermal resource, you see the geothermal electricity power is using almost west part of Flores.

Mules island

Mules is a small island located on south part of Flores. Can reach from Dintor village by boat. Only take 20 menutes from Dintor. Occupied by fishermen where they are living on coastal area.

It’s beauty island cover by Savannas, mangroves and beaches. Meet locals with their daily life.

Wae Rebo primitive village

It’s one most spectacular place, where you find primitive village and their life. Wae Rebo. To reach this village, you should do with trekking along ten kilometers. It’s take about two hours from Denge village.

Wae Rebo Flores
Wae Rebo Flores

Enjoy the rain forest and some kind of birds along the trek path way. Need full day to see the village or two days from Labuan Bajo town.

Discover Flores remote region

Finally, i hope this article van help visitors to know more about Flores at remote area. Not to the touristic places but to the real of life. See also tours Komodo here. Usually we put together between Flores and Komodo island.

Because of those islands are close each other. Also because of Flores island is using for Komodo tours. You can’t go to Komodo National Park without Flores. For this reason why Flores island is importantly for Komodo tour.

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