Flores Komodo Tours Package

Flores Komodo package tours are combining the tour packages of Flores Island and Komodo national park. We arrange all kind of tours to Komodo national park and Flores Island. However, Flores Komodo tours will starts from Bali Island or Jakarta.

Collections of Flores Komodo tours are here

Here, you will find collection of Flores Komodo tour packages as well as tour programs. All tour packages are designing according to local condition. As local peoples, we of course have deepest experience about both of destination. The routes, programs, itineraries and schedule are all in our holding.

Mostly Flores Komodo tours to start from east Flores

On Flores Komodo tours here, we organize tour packages starts from east and ending in west part. It’s our local experience as far as run our tours. Maybe some question is coming. Why do program starts from east to west? As long as our experience those travelers need to get relax after long driving. Since topography is mountainous and hilly, so our road most in windy and cliffs.

So you get relaxing is on the boat trip to the islands of Komodo national park. Trip to Komodo national park with boat will give you time go on relax. Combine to do snorkeling, swimming or sun bathing will also make different inspiration after overland.

Various of package tours Flores Komodo here

We give many options on Flores Komodo tours in our tour packages. So you can select which one prefers for you. It is depending on your time, budget or plan. We arrange Flores Komodo tour packages from 5 to 8 days to visit Flores Island and Komodo national park.

Land transport we use this time

We use AC cars either for individual or group during overland tour. Our drivers have experience to drive tourist since 1999. It’s challenge driving but drivers know how to drive as well. Some part of the road still stony and bumpy so will make driving in adventure.

Boat for tours Komodo National Park now

At the same time you use boat for trip to Komodo National Park. However you have to ask what kind of boat. Because we have some type of the boat. The facilities are different between the type. For that reason we prepare cabin boat with or without air condition. But this type is only for live board as long as you stay on boat. While if you choose program with daily trip, so deck boat is using.

A lot of tourist attractions there

Undoubtedly that Flores Komodo package tours are greatest adventure in Indonesia. Combining between overland and boat cruise to Komodo national park is making different experience on your holidays. Visitors will enjoy the nature, culture, tradition, Komodo Dragons, wild life, wonder of corals and fishes.

Meals along tours Flores Komodo

Food is available on restaurant in every town serving either Indonesian, European or Chinese food. In our Flores Komodo tour packages, travelers can choose own food during a tour. So, we just reserve to keep our booking but menu will by your own. While during tour to Komodo national park, meals is on board. Our chef will cook on time before meals time.

Simple accommodations but all standard facilities now

Accommodation on Flores Komodo package tours is best selecting each destination. Although non star hotel each town on Flores beyond Labuan Bajo but facilities base on standard. We use best hotel every town according to our quotation. Maybe we use another selection if we get your confirmation too late.

Different with sea accommodation

Accommodation on boat trip is cabin for live board. While deck boat is use as long as you do daily trip because not need to sleep. As long as you want cabin boat with AC  so please tell us because our quotation is by cabin non AC. Due to limited cabin boat with AC in Labuan Bajo town, so early confirmation really need as long as you want to take.

Furthermore about package tours Flores Komodo

In addition that, as long as you want get comfortable trip, please make early reservation. It’s because room is limited every hotel beyond Labuan Bajo town. Sometime we cancel the trip as long as clients make very late confirmation. It’s especially happen on high season on July and August.

Finally, please ask our team as long as you have questions about Flores Komodo tours. Of course we give priority to the travelers who make early confirmation following with deposit. We always give prompt respond as long as you send an email. We appreciate as long as your make clear all information before make deal with our team. So, you don’t have misunderstanding along tour is going.

Here we don’t put together with prices

Here we don’t put price every Flores Komodo tour packages. It’s because some tour component can change any time without prior notice. And also because of this is our privacy and policy. Of course we give the price per person as long as we get your inquiry.

How to confirm along communications

So easy you make reservation with our offers here. Firstly you choose which tour packages you want to take. So, you send your requests to our team. Along you don’t want to take or maybe not prefer then you can ask another programs. But if you are interesting with our offers then you just go to next step.

See also Borneo tours package here. Maybe you are interesting to see Orangutan. Let we know now. We put altogether on this side. We can do right now. Yes of course we do.

Make deposit first before to go

As final is confirmation from you to book through our travel service. Since your confirmation is making, so we give you all tour contracts. So we send payment method, total deposit and company’s bank account as well.

As long as we get your payment on bank account then we follow up to book each tour components. Lastly you get confirmation from us as long as we have made all reservation. As long as change something on field so we give information to you. But if not so we wait your visiting.

 Package tours Flores Komodo

Because we are local travel company of Flores Island, so we always give update information to you. Yes of course, we do it. Our tour guide always give us to support. That is to say you get completely. At the same time you get real cost.

In the meantime you don’t make fully payment. Because you pay the rest on arrival date. To put it another way you get easily what you want. It’s to sum up what is benefit as long as you go with locals. Don’t waste your time now. Otherwise you late to get us.