Eco Tours Flores Komodo

Eco tours Flores Komodo is our Flores Komodo Eco tour packages for travelers who need special interests. On Eco tours Flores Komodo, we publish many kind of tour package. Activities will focus to Flores Island and to the islands of Komodo national park.

The Eco tours will see wonder of nature, local community, Komodo Dragons and wild life with walking and trekking or hiking. Some area will stay on camping tent with local community to bring visitor how to live in our nature.

Eco tours Flores Komodo can do only at Komodo national park or in Flores Island. Its possible also do in combining both of the destination. In combining tour, we arrange starts from east part of Flores Island. But you can do also starts from west part. We can organize as long as you make a request.

On our Eco tours Flores Komodo are not doing for all programs on tour packages. But we do a part of program on tour packages. We bring to isolation area where the place going to visit is not touristic or public place. All Eco tours Flores Komodo need to confirm early. So, we suggest confirming at least one month before arrival on normal season. While, on high season happening July and August should book at least 2 month before arrival.

If visitors make late reservation, please listening from our staffs if it is possible or not because we check it first. Since we get news from an area or local community then we will contact you to confirm. We don’t recognize for peoples over than 65 years old except the client make statement before doing the tour. Less than 12 years should make statement by the parent to do this trip.

The weather in our province is quite hot every year. So, all the area will get difficulty on trekking or hiking except on mountain. That the reason why visitors need your experience before doing this tour. Probably it is really need since you will come to different geography. Our weather is really hot in Indonesia so you need to adapt.

Eco tours Flores Komodo

It’s our specification to offers because we are local travel service. We arrange according to our experience in the past time. Of course you will see different than regular tour. Sometime you sleep with tent or stay with local community.

Maybe we need time to make reservation after you make a deal. Because we have to touch directly or by phone call to follow up. But we know how to contact local community because we did long time.

So we wait your request as long as you have special interest. Hope enjoy with our offers here especially Eco tour packages. We are ready to serve as long as you are interesting.