Eco Tours Flores Komodo

Eco tours Flores Komodo here are our collections of Flores Komodo Eco tour packages. Eco tours here are for travelers who need special interests. On Eco tours Flores Komodo, we publish several of tour packages on this side.

So far we arrange Eco tours focus to Flores Island and to the islands of Komodo national park. Because of we are from there. From here we arrange all Indonesia tour. For this time we are not arrange Eco tours beyond Flores Komodo.

Most importantly islands to visit on Eco tours Flores Komodo

Flores, Rinca and Komodo island are most importantly to visit. On this Eco tours you will visit most importantly islands. To begin with Flores, Rinca and Komodo island. Those islands are main point for Eco tours Flores Komodo. You do an Eco tours every island.

Not all program with Eco tours Flores Komodo

Because of this is our specific  offers, then we arrange programs different from regular trip. But we make combinations. Important to realize that all programs here arrange for of Eco tours. We combine regular and Eco tours. In order to cover what to see along Flores island.

There are several place you with Eco tours. While other programs you do in regular tour. This is the advantages of Eco tours Flores Komodo for one thing.

In general what to see on Eco tours

Of course you see wonder of nature, local community, culture, Komodo Dragons, wild life and so much more. That is to see in general on Eco tours Flores Komodo. While in Eco tour you see those tourist attractions but different to do. And also see special places that is not use for public tourists.

Main activities on Eco tours Flores Komodo

Here you do special trekking or walking. Usually you go with long trek or walking. Some area you don’t have special trail for walking or trekking. Also stay without hotel. You stay with local community or use camping tent on wild nature. Enjoy also local food with local community there.

Choose the options of Flores Komodo or only Komodo National Park

As long as your plan to see Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park, then please find Eco tour Flores Komodo. While if you only to see Komodo National Park, then choose Eco tour Komodo. All programs on this side can find on Eco tour packages.

How to get there

If your plan to visit Flores and Komodo island, then point the flight to Maumere or Ende town. It’s in the east part of Flores Island. You point flight to there from the place to begin. Because from there you start for Eco tours Flores Komodo. After that your flight back is from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the western part of Flores Island. Point your flight to Bali island or next destinations.

While if you only to visit Komodo National Park, then you do flight to and from Labuan Bajo town. This time you can do from some major cities in Indonesia for flight to and from Labuan Bajo town. Here is the center of Flores Komodo tourism.

This is only for reasonable ages

If visitors make late reservation, please listening from our staffs if it is possible or not because we check it first. Since we get news from an area or local community then we will contact you to confirm. We don’t recognize for peoples over than 65 years old except the client make statement before doing the tour. Less than 12 years should make statement by the parent to do this trip.

Our weather here

The weather in our province is quite hot every year. So, all the area will get difficulty on trekking or hiking except on mountain. That the reason why visitors need your experience before doing this tour. Probably it is really need since you will come to different geography. Our weather is really hot in Indonesia so you need to adapt.

Your confirmation is most importantly

In order to get comfortable trip, then please make early confirmation. Because of this is special arrangement. We need to confirm also for several special places.

On high season, we need your confirmation at least two month prior to arrival. High season always coming on July and August every year. Sometime also high traffic visitors come on Christmas and new year. But we always to tell on going correspondent.

Land and sea transport on Eco tours Flores Komodo

This time we don’t use special car for all program here. Because we don’t offers to see beaten area. Our car is always stop on place to start. Then after that do with walking or trekking. All cars are using air conditioned.

While on tour Komodo you use tour boat. Important to choose also classes of the boat. For this program we have three classes of the tour boat. First is cabin boat fan with share bathroom. Second is cabin boat AC but share bathroom. Third is cabin boat AC with private bathroom.

Eco tours Flores Komodo

To see in detail of the programs then find package Eco tours on this side. You can choose which one according to your plan. Programs are always up to date we arrange here. If you don’t find according to your plans, then tell us. So that we can arrange new program. We will tell if it’s not possible.

We put Eco tours Komodo Flores in the first place of our arrangement for special interest. Any questions about Eco tours package here, let we know now. For this reason why we arrange Eco tours. Package Eco tours we arrange because we know well about our region. We are local here. We do here to help you. See also Komodo island tours on our site association.