Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N

Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N is Eco tour package discover the Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park. It will focus to see special interesting beyond Komodo dragons. Flores Komodo Eco tour package 8D/7N is suitable for visitors who have well experience in any different destination.

What to see there

Eco Flores Komodo will bring visitors to see different way of nature, local community, Komodo Dragon or wild life. On Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N is a great medium of Eco tour package to our region as long as our experience. We always arrange Eco Flores Komodo here because of our guests gave us great recommendations.

Not only Eco tour here but also regular trip

You are not only do Eco activities on Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N but do combinations. Here you will do in combination between regular trip and Eco tours. So that, you will get great combination on Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N.

Combining Eco and regular here both Flores Island and at the islands of Komodo national park. You will go with trek or hiking to see something on the way. At Wae Rebo village you will enjoy with local community. Local food and stay with them on traditional village. Learn there along their daily life.

Why Eco Flores Komodo to start from east part of Flores

However, Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N here is to start from east to west. For the purpose of to cover your fatigue during long driving on Flores overland. Of course you will tire on Flores Island since you make combination during on land trip. So, on the boat trip you will get relaxing during is running. Combination snorkeling or swimming will make you get refreshing.

Car and tour boat on Eco tour Flores Komodo

During land tour you will use air condition car. While on tour to Komodo national park will use boat with AC or boat non air condition. We have 2 classes of the boat that you can choose. Air condition is limited in Labuan Bajo town, so you need to book early.

It is different between cabin boat air AC and fan. Cabin boat AC is big size, 6 rooms, strong engine power and electricity. While cabin boat fan is medium size, 3 rooms, medium engine power and limited electricity. Please tell us as long as you are interesting with cabin boat AC. Usually on our first quotation using cabin boat fan.

Importantly make confirmation first

All classes of the boat above, also need to book early especially on high season. Since our region will get traffic visitors come on holidays in high season. That reason why you mak early on high season either boat with AC or non AC. Another reason also is limit room of hotel on Flores Island except Labuan Bajo town. Maybe, we can’t accept if you make late confirmation.

We quote in IDR per person here

In addition, that our price charged in IDR or Indonesian currency call is Rupiah. But you can ask to pay in USD or EURO. Also other currency from your country as long as you can do. However, we need our total in our IDR.

Furthermore of Eco Flores Komodo

Finally, any request for Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N please let us to know via an email. We appreciate for travelers as long as can make clear before deal with our offers. And so, you go on holidays without misunderstanding. You satisfaction is our goal either in corespondent or in touring.

Must be remembered the flight routes:

Starting: Bali island or which place you begin. Then point your flight to Maumere or Ende town on east Flores Island.

Ending: Labuan Bajo/west Flores Island to Bali or to next destination. There are many direct flight to connect from there. Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok and Makasar are major cities connect with direct flight.

Price charge per person quotes minimum 2 peoples for once departure

Program of Eco Flores Komodo

We put altogether program in the following tour package. Hope meet your plans. Look in detail of ECO FLORES KOMODO 8D/7N below

DAY 01; BALI – MAUMERE – MONI = Floresare hotel with hot water

Upon arrival at Frans Seda – Maumere airport, first is to meet with our tour guide. Then after that drive you to Moni is a small village lies on the slope of Kelimutu Lake. If time is permit, you will make at Jopu, is a traditional house of Ende Lioness tribe with unique construction interior or exterior. On arrival at Moni village then you do check in. Meals will get at hotel.

DAY 02; MONI – KELIMUTU – RIUNG = Bintang wisata Riung or Pondok SVD hotel with air condition

Early morning drive up to the top of Kelimutu Lake, to see wonderful three colored lake. As long as the weather is permit, you will see sunrise from top of mountain. Drive down to Moni for getting breakfast.

Today you will drive long way to Riung village. First stop will do at Nanga Penda beach to see blue stones along the beach about 5 km away. Continue to Mbay, to see rice field irrigation and get lunch here. Drive you to Riung while some stop will make according to local happenings. You do check in at hotel on arrival. Relaxing or walk around if time permit. Dinner will serve at local restaurant or hotel.

DAY 03; RIUNG – SEVENTEEN ISLAND – BAJAWA = Bintang Wisata Bajawa or Silverin hotel with hot water

This morning you will transfer to harbor for boating to sea side of the main land. Here is the place to see flying Foxes are hanging on mangrove trees as their home. After that depart to Kotong Island for snorkeling, swimming, or sun bathing. You also see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. After that go back to Riung village.

Arrive at jetty then drive you to hotel. Check out process then drive you to Soa hot spring water for your bathing and therapy of skin to protect from disease. Drive you to Bajawa for your hotel. You dinner will get at local restaurant.

DAY 04; BAJAWA – BENA – RUTENG = BMC sister hotel or Shinda hotel with hot water

Drive to south part of Bajawa town to see Bena traditonal village. However, Bena is the biggest traditional village in Flores Island. See their megalithic stones or hand weaving. Look in detail their house construcations both interior and exterior. After that drive you to Aimere district. Aimere district is a place where local peoples are making alcoholic drinking. It’s processed with distillation from palm juice.

After that drive to Ruteng, on the way will stop at Ranamese, to see lake locate on slope of mountain with cool weather. Lunch can do in Borong town or Ruteng town. Arrive in Ruteng direct check in at your hotel. Make sightseeing to visit Ruteng Pu’u to see traditional house of Manggaraian with their megalithic stones in middle of village and altar. Drive back to hotel then wait for dinner time at hotel or local restaurant.


This time you start with tour Komodo. Last for Flores tour is here. At the same time you do Eco Komodo tours.

In the morning after breakfast then drive to Labuan Bajo, western part of Flores Island. Some stops will make at Cara village to see spider web rice field called LINGKO by local language. Drive down to Lembor to see the biggest rice field irrigation at our province.

Arrive in harbor of Labuan Bajo then embark to your boat depart to Biadadari island. Do snorkeling, swimming or sunbathing on the white sandy beach. Food will get on the boat. After that then depart to Rinca island. Arrive at Loh Buaya on Rinca island then we will report to the office of Komodo national park. Its important to confirm special long trek for next morning. Accommodation and dinner will get on the boat.

DAY 06; RINCA TREK – PINK BEACH – LOH SEBITA KOMODO ISLAND = Cabin boat non air condition

Today, you will take long trek to Golo Kode about 4 – 5 hours without trails. Here, you will see Komodo Dragons on their pure environment. Probably you will see other wild life. For example; buffaloes, deer, horses, wild board, monkey and some kind of birds.

As far as you arrive at starting point then depart to Pink beach. on arrival at Pink beach you do snorkeling, swimming or sun bathing. Here, you will see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes. After that depart to Loh Sebita post to make anchorage there. Accommodation and dinner are on the boat.

DAY 07; LOH SEBITA TREK – MANTA POINT – LABUAN BAJO = Jayakarta beach resort hotel based on 4* or similar

After get breakfast on the boat, to begin with long trek to see Komodo Dragons or wild life. Here is particular trek. After that depart to Manta point for snorkeling or swimming. You are here to see Manta Rays  as long as you are lucky. Sometime Manta Rays are hanging on the surface of the sea or swim with your around this area. Meals will get on boat. Afternoon go back to Labuan Bajo. Arrive at harbor transfer to your hotel. Dinner will get your hotel or local restaurant.


Make Labuan Bajo tour before fly back. To begin with visiting local market. To see local people are selling or buying their products. After that drive to Batu Cermin cave to see stalactites and stalagmites. Here also you see some of dried coral rest of the Jurassic era. After that then transfer you to airport for your flight to Bali or next destination.

Price in Rupiah or USD:…IDR per person. Price charged per person quoted from minimum 2 peoples for 1 time departure.

Our services to include and not to include below

Price to include in our service:

– Private transportation with air condition on Flores island
– Meals on the tour program
– Hotel room DBL or TWIN at list on the tour program
– Private boat charter at Riung village to visit 17 island
– Private cabin boat non air condition on Komodo national park for 3 days
– Entrance fee on Flores island
– Entrance fee, contribution fee, snorkeling fee and camera fee at Komodo national park.
– Eco ranger and trekking fee in Komodo national park
– Coffee, tea and mineral water only on the boat trip(we don’t serve on land tour or at hotel)
– English speaking guide

Price not to include in our service:

– Return flight ticket Bali to Maumere/Flores – Labuan Bajo/Flores to Bali
– Airport tax
– Personal expenses, laundry, shopping, donation and tipping
– Travel insurance
– Soft and alcoholic drinking
– Delay or cancellation by flight
– Other fees that is not to include on our service above

Eco Flores Komodo

We can say here that Eco Flores Komodo 8D/7N is best offer for this time. Not because of you cross all over the island but length of stay. Any questions about Eco Flores Komodo here, let we know now. For this reason why we arrange Eco Flores Komodo here. We are here to help you.

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