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All information about Indonesia travel, tour packages, island trip, Indonesia tours holidays, travel agency and so much more. Here is the site for getting Indonesia tourism news. We periodically publish Indonesia travel news.

Independent news

Our data is collection from our tour guide from time to time. Also we get from our volunteer on the field. Some of our travel partners also help us for giving data. So far we collect news from the island of Flores, Komodo, Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok as well as Sulawesi island.

However Indonesia travel news are independent tourism article. Our articles mostly focus on tourism Indonesia. We need Indonesia tourism knows by foreign tourists. So that can increase visiting. To increase visiting from time to time.

What to see on Indonesia travel news

First is to see Indonesia. Because of largest archipelago, we need to promote our country with news. For this reason why we publish any kind of tourism news from Indonesia.

Second is to see world seven wonder. Since 2013, we have two seven wonder of the world. That is Borobudur temple and Komodo island. Komodo island at Komodo national park become new seven natural wonder of the world.

Not only see seven wonder but also other tourist attractions. We have a lot of tourist destinations. That is why we focus here to organize popular tourist destinations.

In general of Indonesia travel news

We are here to write articles about Indonesia tourism. To begin with package tours Indonesia, travel agencies, tourist objects, tour guide and travel holidays. Coupled with daily island trip, day tour and live aboard.

Our team now

Because of successful of any tour arrangement, now we have special division for Indonesia travel news. It’s to give new information from the fielding trip. We have good team to arrange tour programs, packages travel and travel news.

We have own fleet since 2014. But it’s only for Flores tours and Komodo island tours in Indonesia. Our boat and cars are supporting for land and sea tour. At the same time we had permanent office. Our office located in the center of Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores Island.

Indonesia travel news

As long as you are interesting more, let we know now. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. Now we wait your email. Hope you get more with this news.

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