Borneo Tour Orangutan

Borneo tour Orangutan is one of most popular tourist destination in Indonesia from time to time. We put Borneo tour on the first place of our arrangement in Indonesia trips.

It’s because of one of most popular wild life Indonesia. Indonesia is one of world wild life tour destination. Because of some wild life are different from other country.

Kalimantan or Borneo?

Borneo always call by Indonesian is Kalimantan. Kalimantan is well-known by Indonesian peoples than Borneo. But Borneo or Kalimantan is same meaning. Borneo always call by peoples beyond Indonesian.

What to see in Borneo tour Orangutan

There is a lot of to see on Borneo tour. But Orangutan is firstly tourist attraction on Borneo tour. In general you see the world rain forest, river, tropical wild life and so much more.

Furthermore you see riverside forest, lowland forest, proboscis monkey, gibbons, crocodiles and some kind of birds. Also you see some mammals, reptiles, fireflies, fishes and some species of fish birds.

Activities on Borneo tour Orangutan

It’s one of unique trip in Indonesia. To explore Tanjung Puting National Park use KLOTOK. Klotok is long boat usually use for local transport to cross the rivers. But following tourism growing, locals modified for tourist boat.

Formerly KLOTOK is using in general river transportation. Klotok is crossing from downstream or upstream for local passengers.

Main activities are trekking or hiking and walking. But depends which place is going to visit. Some places you do combination both walking or soft trekking.

Which part to visit on Borneo tour Orangutan?

You are here to visit Tanjung Puting National Park. Located in the central of Borneo or Kalimantan. Here is the best place to see Orangutan. Not only Orangutang but also other wild life.

Here is the place where you can find rehabilitation center. Tanjung Puting National Park is popular wild life destination up to present time.

Accommodation for Borneo tour Orangutan

Hotel is using only first or last day trip. Because your activities more to the forest exploration. For this reason why Kumai is using for transit. Hotel is limit and not many hotel. Kumai is the place where you find hotel. This time hotel is using AC.

Boat trip on Borneo tour

To cross the river you do with boat trip. Boat is importantly tour component there. Because of this trip cross the river of Sekonyer. It’s a way to explore the wild life. No land transport is using for this trip.

As above mentioned that boat is KLOTOK calling by locals. That is to say Klotok or boat is only transport used for Borneo tour. Borneo tour is same with Komodo trip because of boat is only transport to use.

Classes of boat trip there

Usually we use two classes of boat trip. Firstly is deck boat. It’s large deck both up and down. In the night time use mattresses, pillows, blankets and mosquito net.

Cabin boat with share toilet or bathroom. It’s not many boat but you can get it. As long as you confirm early so that you can guarantee get cabin boat. It’s not use AC. If you need AC cabin boat then tell us. AC boat is limited.

Support facilities are toilet, bathroom, generator, table, chairs as well as life jackets. Electricity is using only night time. But not hole the night. Usually is running until 23.00 PM.

How to get there?

To get Tanjung Puting National Park firstly is go with flight. There is two place to start. That is Jakarta and Semarang in the central of Java Island. Flight leads to Pangkalan Bun in the central of Borneo.

Jakarta city to Pangkalan Bun

First is Jakarta city. From here you fly to Pangkalan Bun. Pangkalan Bun is the town located in the central of Borneo. The only airport where close to Tanjung Puting National Park. Probably not every day but you can check via online.

If yes, then go to purchase. We are only need copy of ticket or flight number. It useful for picking up process.

Semarang city central of Java island

Second is Semarang city. Semarang city is the capital of central Java province. Maybe not daily but you can check via online. Because of sometime change the schedule without prior to notice.

Thirdly is Yogyakarta city. Yogyakarta city is using as alternatively. As long as Jakarta and Semarang are fully booked. Important to realize that flight schedules sometime change without prior notice.

Flight usually is not to include in our price. But if you want to include our price, let we know.

How to book and confirm

You need to book prior to arrival. Early confirmation is importantly. This is to get comfortable trip. On high season you confirm at least two month prior to arrival. While on normal season you do at least one month prior to arrival.

You confirmation should be following with deposit payment. This is to keep some tour components especially to keep the boat. As we are telling you that boat trip is importantly.

Borneo tour Orangutan

To summarize that Borneo tour Orangutan is adventure trips. You can’t get deluxe classes of this trip. As long as you are interesting with Borneo tour then let we know. We will send complete information as long as you make a request. We always give respond on working time.

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