Tours Komodo Flores Indonesia

Tours Komodo Flores
Tours Komodo Flores
Tours Komodo Flores

Tours Komodo Flores is all kind of Komodo tours and Flores Island tours in Indonesia with private tour packages. Furthermore, Flores Komodo tours always starts from Bali and Jakarta because flights are connecting daily. Travelers also can starts from another island but flights will transit in Bali before fly to Flores Island.

The tours Komodo Flores will bring travelers to see the islands of Komodo national park and the island of Flores. Komodo dragon, wild life, wonder of corals and colorful of fishes is the main goal to see at the islands of Komodo national park. While culture, tradition, wonder of nature, hand weaving and way of life are the main goal will see on Flores Island. In conclusion that Komodo dragon and three colored lake of Kelimutu is highlight travel on both of tourist destination.

We arrange tours Flores Komodo with Flores Komodo tour packages that you can find here. Of course, we don’t put the entire program, but travelers can get more as long as you make a request. On Flores Komodo tour packages consist of two kind of tour destination. Firstly, Komodo tours are all kind of tour package to the islands of Komodo national park. Second, Flores Komodo tour packages are combined of Komodo tours and Flores island tours.

Travelers can make a request another program if you don’t find on our tour packages. So, we will send a new program and price. Also you can ask programs to combine, shorten or lengthen as long as you want to change. Any changing of program will change costs of the tours as consequently.

Eco tour is our special packages offers to Flores Island and Komodo national park. We organize Eco tours to travelers who have special interest. You can find programs here, either Eco Komodo packages or combine Flores Komodo Eco tours. Any request for Eco tours, please make early confirmation because we have to arrange a special.

Beyond Flores Komodo tours, we offer tours to another island in Indonesia. This is Indonesia tours to visit Bali, Java, Borneo, Lombok and other islands. You find programs here on Indonesia travel packages. You can choose one destination or combine tours between the islands.

In addition, Ema Tour is a bridge of your travel holidays in Indonesia. Our legal travel company is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. So, is our an online for overseas market.

Finally, we welcome visitors who want make holidays in Indonesia, especially in Flores Island and Komodo national park. We give appreciations and thanks to travelers as long as join our service in the past time. Your comments will improve our service.


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