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We organize Flores Komodo tours Indonesia to see Flores Island and Komodo National Park. Flores Komodo tours are our main offers discover our nature, culture, tradition, wild life, Komodo dragon, corals or fishes. Here, we offers all kind of of tours in Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park.

However Flores Komodo tours is main tourist destination in Indonesia that we arrange. Because both of this place can’t separate on tour package. All tours to Komodo National Park should starts from west Flores Island. Although you only want to take trip to Komodo National Park, but you should go through Flores Island.

Here we are preparing two part of tour packages. That is Komodo tour packages and Flores Komodo tour packages. Komodo tour packages are focused to visit the islands of Komodo national park. While, Flores Komodo tour packages are combining of tours in Flores Island and the islands of Komodo national park. So, travelers can choose Komodo tour packages or Flores Komodo tour packages.

All tours to Komodo National Park should use a boat or speed boat. While tours at Flores Island will use a car or bus with overland. As long as you take Flores Komodo tour packages, so you will get combine of overland and sea trip. We always arrange for Flores Komodo tour packages starts from east to west part of Flores Island. You will be ending the tour after visit the islands of Komodo national park.

Top goal of Komodo tours is to see the islands of Komodo dragon. Komodo dragon is living on their natural habitat at the islands of Komodo national park. Komodo dragon is living on the island of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Gili Motang and west Flores Island. But most well-known to visit is Rinca and Komodo Island. More than 2000 Komodo dragons are living on both of the island.

All Komodo tours is reached only by boat either daily trip or live aboard. No other choice. That is a reason why in the town of Labuan Bajo prepared many kind of local wooden boat. Started from deck, cabin non AC or cabin with AC. Travelers can choose what classes of the boat. Deck boat normally we use for daily trip while cabin with fan or AC for live aboard.

Whatever for making Komodo tours in Indonesia, so the town of Labuan Bajo become a starting point to do. Here is the place to get the boat trip. Because Komodo tours only starts from Labuan Bajo, so point your flight to here in Indonesia. Labuan Bajo is the main town for Komodo tour located in western part of Flores Island. Komodo airport of the Labuan Bajo serve daily flight from Bali and Jakarta city.

Prior booking is very important to keep the schedule especially at high season. It’s because the boat is limited especially air condition cabin. We suggest travelers to confirm of Komodo tour packages at least one month before arrival for normal season. While on peak season you should confirm at least two month.

Beyond  Flores Komodo tours, we arrange Indonesia travel packages to other islands. It’s visit the island of; Bali, Java, Borneo, Lombok and Sulawesi. We will organize in Indonesia tour packages as long as traveler make a request. Not to cover at all every island but we organize highlight tourist destination.

You are here to see; Borobudur, Prambanan temple and other interesting in Yogyakarta province on Java Island. Orang Utan at Tanjung Puting National Park on Borneo. Wonder of Bali and Lombok Island. Kelimutu three colored lake, traditional village or house and other tourist attractions at Flores Island.

The best Komodo tours

Main starting point;

So far, Bali Island is first place as starting point for all Flores Komodo tours. Because more than five flights are connecting between Bali to west Flores Island. While Jakarta city is the second place as a starting point. It’s because Jakarta has only a flight every day connect to the town of Labuan Bajo.

Although both places are serving daily flights but Bali has more flight connecting every day. As long as you have entry point in Jakarta, so please make early booking for your ticket. It’s important to get guarantee if you make sure to make Flores Komodo tours.

Starts from other places;

Flores Komodo tours can also starts from other places. It’s possibility starts from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makasar, Lombok or other places. But the flights should transit in Bali Island before fly to Flores Island. All your flight should point to the town of Labuan Bajo, Maumere or Ende town. But as long as you do only Komodo tours, so point your flight to Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island.

Other tour services;

Here also we arrange tours to other islands of Indonesia. We arrange tours to the island of Bali, Lombok, Java and Borneo with Indonesia tour packages. But we only arrange for highlight tourism. We organize along the domestic flight routes. Some of the program can be found here on Indonesia travel packages.

How to make deal with us?

Firstly is check out our offers here. Next is make a requests. During communication is running, please make clear with our team. As long as you make a deal with our offers, so just tell us. Since at the time we send you an invoice. Lastly we wait your transfer. As long as we accept your money then we confirm all tour components. So you will get invoice again as a receipt and final confirmation.

Finally, send an email as long as you have questions. We give appreciations to the travelers as long as make clear information before make a deal with us. Because our first goal is making clients in satisfactions with our services. And so you don’t hesitate to ask our team any time. Of course we arrange a tour according to your requests.

So far, we got best comments from our clients in the past year. Next is waiting for your comments. We never mind if you make either bad or good comment but we need it. Your comments will improve our services in the future. Because your comments are our future modals.

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Profile Ema Tour Indonesia

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Note to know on Flores Komodo tours

Sometimes we cancel the trip. It’s always happen on high season. We cancel the tour as long as clients make late confirmation. But we cancel before make payment. Because we are not only to get profit. But we need to get good reputation.

For that reason we ask travelers do following our suggestion. To be sure your booking. Do it two month before arrival during high season. High season is coming on July and August every year. Not to force you but it’s good for your holidays. As a result you get guarantee. So that you will be happy.

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