Package Tours Indonesia

Package tours Indonesia is a collection various trips from several islands in Indonesia. Indeed we don’t take care of all the islands because of we focus organize popular tourist destinations.

However, tours package Indonesia is to facilitate tourists as long as want to visit our country. We prepare various package tours Indonesia here. Arrange not only for individuals but also for groups.

Which islands are going to visit in package tours Indonesia?

Visit Flores and Komodo as well as Java, Borneo, Lombok and Sulawesi island. Flores Komodo become in the first place of our tour arrangements. It is because of we are from there.

Not all the part we arrange beyond Flores Komodo. Look at the places we are going to organize below.

Flores Komodo island arrange at all tourist attractions. Look at the following in detail about Flores Komodo.

In general purpose of Indonesia tours package is to see the nature, culture, wildlife, marine life and much more.

What to see in package tours Indonesia?

Of course there are several tourist attractions of Indonesia tours package. Just look at the some following attractions.

Borneo island

Focus to the central of Borneo island. Visit Tanjung Puting National Park. Go through river of Sekonyer. To see Orangutan, Proboscis and other wild life. This trip will do by boat.

Java island

Here we focus to the central and east of Java island. In the center of Java, to see the temple of Borobudur, Prambanan, Sewu and other tourist attractions. While in east Java island, visit Bromo crater volcanic.

Lombok Island

Visit Three Gillis to enjoy the paradise islands. Also see Sasak tribe traditional houses. Do a trekking to Rinjani summit.

Sulawesi island

Toraja land is largest traditional village with their secret burial process. See local tropical products of farmers.

Top places of package tours Indonesia

We put Flores Komodo tours in the first place of package tours Indonesia. Here is the home of Komodo dragons. From here is our travel agency.

Flores island becomes importantly place for all kind of Komodo tours. All tours Komodo must go through Flores Island.

Tours Komodo National Park

To see Komodo dragons are importantly programs of our travel company up to the present time. Komodo National Park is the only the place on earth, where you see Komodo dragons.

Some islands are inhabited by Komodo dragons as well as wild life. Komodo, dragons are living on Rinca, Komodo, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island.

Boat is only transport used for trips to Komodo National Park. Boat trip is serving with private. Because there is not public transport connected from other places.

Flores Island tours

Many tourist attractions as long as you do Flores island tours. We always arrange together with Komodo National Park. Flores Komodo tours are our main program from time to time.

Kelimutu three colored lake is main tourist attraction for the purpose of Flores island tours. Kelimutu lake is one of most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

Tours and travel package

To summarize all kind of Indonesia tours, we put together with tour packages. So that you can choose which tour package is prefer for holidays. Although we don’t put all here, but you are getting when you make a request.

Indonesia tours package

First thing to remember that is not all Indonesia tours package publish here. So you will get other tour packages if you start with the request. As long as you make a request our services, then you get information.

Flores Komodo tour packages

To be sure, Flores Komodo tour packages are our main arrangement in Indonesia tours package. We put Flores Komodo tour packages are differently with other Indonesia trips.

Transportation on package tours Indonesia

However, transport is importantly tour component on Indonesia tours. Especially is to reach some special places through river or sea. Transportation that i meant here is a special transportation for your tour. That is not transportation in general. Look at the following a special transportation.

Air transport

So far, flight is connecting well from one to other islands in Indonesia. The places we are arranging here can go with daily flight. Usually, flight tickets are not part of our services. But we can do as long as you need flight to include in our services.

Sea transport

Important to realize, some of places on our arrangement are serving with boat trips. Especially is to cross the river and sea. It is private boat trips.

For example; Sekonyer river at Borneo is using boat to cross Tanjung Puting National Park. As well as trip to Komodo National Park, Riung 17 islands and Three Gillis will use boat.

Land transport

Air conditioned cars are using on our tour services in general. Probably not use AC cars as long as do special interest. Such as; trekking or hiking and adventure trip.

Eco tour

We also serve Eco tours especially to the islands of Komodo national park and Flores Island. We don’t serve for other islands until now. We arrange in the form of Flores Komodo Eco tour packages.

Diving and snorkeling

Up to the present time, we arrange dive trip to the islands of Komodo national park. Here is one of the world dive site class. As far as we arrange not only diving but also for snorkeling. While Three Gillis on Lombok and 17 islands at Riung are doing snorkeling.

Flores a leading tour operator

First thing to remember, is one of our online travel markets. Ema Tour is authorized under PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. We are a leading tour operator and travel agency of Flores Island. We arrange Indonesia tour packages especially for Flores Komodo tours.


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Package tours Indonesia

As long as you are interesting with our offers, please let’s to know. We are here to serve you. We hope our services can meet your wishes. Again, we are Indonesian travel agency.